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Black Heart Foundation

The Black Heart Foundation has a long history of supporting initiatives which create and improve educational access, learning, aspiration and achievement for underprivileged children around the world. Its primary goal and focus is to remove any and all barriers to the aspiration and achievement of the young people it hopes to serve.

The Foundation and its beneficiaries continue to seek, generate, expand and improve innovative pathways to learning, aspiration and achievement for under-resourced children and young people. The Foundation's interest lie in supporting community initiatives that best support young people at the grassroots level; where the Foundation's funding can make the most significant impact on behalf of those children in their environment.

The Foundation is a registered charitable enterprise in both the United Kingdom and the United States.

The Black Heart Foundation was founded to consolidate the activities and charity of several predecessor initiatives in the UK and the US which had at their nexus a concern for the education of at-risk youth. The Foundation is dedicated to improving the educational access, quality and outcomes for children from under-privileged backgrounds, those in low resource environments, and those who are otherwise 'at-risk' due to poor health or nutrition, care or focus.

The Foundation was established with initial funding from private sources. Additional funding from individuals and families continues; this is augmented by donations and contributions from corporate supporters who make both financial and in-kind contributions of products, services and personnel.

The Foundation currently supports a number of community initiatives that provide benefits or improve educational outcomes for disadvantaged young people. The Foundation has a particular interest in children’s health and well-being, and in the use of sport to inspire and engage youth on the path to greater educational achievement. The Foundation’s relationship to the sporting world is also an important creative resource for its work and facilitates some of its key fundraising endeavours.