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Black Medical Society

According to the MSC ‘Selecting for Excellence’ report published in 2014, only 7% of medical school applicants identify themselves as black. Black Medical Society (BMS) is a UK-based organisation set up to tackle the under-representation of Afro-Caribbeans within the British medical profession.

We have three broad aims:


We aim to inspire more black students to apply to medicine, as well as supporting black medical students to reach their full potential within the profession. Support and guidance will be provided through one-on-one mentors, as well as through a series of interactive conferences and workshops.


Whilst the importance of networking is often emphasised for those in other fields, its importance is often underplayed within medicine. We recognise this as an opportunity to provide a networking platform for black medical students and doctors. This network can be used as a means of achieving academic goals, as well as for social support and wellbeing. We want to unite and encourage black medical students and doctors across the UK.


Black people within the medical community are doing some incredible things, however, these achievements often go unnoticed. We want to provide an official platform to showcase and celebrate these individuals. In doing so, we hope to inspire and motivate others to also strive for greatness.